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With this type of implant and precise surgery has not only reduced the risk of dislocation , but bone preservation of femoral head and neck allow that if a replacement is necessary in the future to do so by a primary conventional rod Holiday on bone.

These prostheses are suitable for patients with primary osteoarthritis , posttraumatic arthritis ( fracture) , avascular necrosis , cases of dysplasia and congenital hip dislocation, and other diseases of the hip and Perthes disease, provided there is sufficient bone in the head and neck hamstrings and your alignment is correct.

They are indicated in patients who can not or will not stop intense physical activity , be it work , leisure or sport , after implantation of a hip prosthesis . And patients who , by their life expectancy and level of physical activity, whether conventional hip prosthesis implanted, there may be a high probability of requiring a replacement of the prosthesis in the future.

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